Tractive® GPS pet tracking

Tractive® GPS pet tracking device allows you to track your dog, cat or any other pet anywhere in real time. With Tractive you can monitor your pet on the interactive map in a browser, or in the free Tractive® GPS app.

Tractive® GPS Pet Tracking Device

Subscription plans start at only $AUD 5.6 per month and are available through Tractive website.

  • LIVE Tracking Tractive® LIVE Tracking feature allows you to follow every step of your pet in real time and see the current position of your pet on a map
    Safe Zone You can define a Safe Zone for your pet. If your pet leaves this zone, you will be informed immediately on your smartphone
    24-hour history Tractive® GPS app stores the last 24 hours of your pets path history
    Battery indicator Tractive® GPS app indicates the current battery status of your Tractive® GPS device, so you always know when it needs to be charged